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ЯДDIФ SOČЗ is a part of Radionomy.
Radionomy is a service that enables everyone to set up his own web radio station easily.
By drawing on the large libraries of pieces of music, jingles and content made available by Radionomy;
By integrating his own musical creations or music from his own music library and by adding his own audio content, sequences, reports, pod casts;
Radionomy broadcasts these web radios stations free of charge all over the world and bears all costs, including copyright. Radionomy is financed by the broadcasting of a moderate quantity of advertising on the radio stations (maximum four minutes per hour of broadcasting).
Radionomy pays any copyright related to the Producers’ productions.
Radionomy systematically attributes authorship of the content it proposes to the Content Producer.
Radionomy increases the reputation of the Content Producer and the traffic to its site, blog, Facebook/MySpace page, etc..
Radionomy leaves the Content Producer total control over the material he makes available, for the duration he determines and under the conditions he chooses.
Radionomy undertakes to ensure quality broadcasting.
Radionomy operates in full transparency.
Radionomy pays any copyright related to the Producer’s productions. .
Radionomy pays copyright related to the content broadcast on the radio stations to a collective copyright management society.
For the payment of its copyright in Europe, Radionomy has chosen SABAM. Radionomy is free to work with a collective copyright management society other than SABAM.
SABAM, for its part, has agreements with other European collective copyright management societies such as SIAE in Italy.

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